Priming Sugar Calculation Guide

This calculator determines the amount of corn sugar to add based upon the residual CO2 remaining in the brew after fermentation. This assumes a consistent temp during fermentation, so that the finished beer contains an amount of residual CO2 dependent on the temperature.
Carbonation Guide
Beer styleVolumes CO2Beer styleVolumes CO2
British-style ales1.5 - 2.0Porter, Stout1.7 - 2.3
Belgian ales1.9 - 2.4European lagers2.2 - 2.7
American ales & lagers2.2 - 2.7Lambic2.4 - 2.8
Fruit lambic3.0 - 4.5German wheat beer3.3 - 4.5
Enter the following Information
Temperature of beer (°F)
Desired Carbonation level (Volumes CO2)
Batch Size (gallons)

You should use grams or ounces of corn sugar.