Decoction Calculator

This tool will calculate your decoction mass needed to raise from temp A to temp B
(All temperatures in °F).
NOTE: The two fields Mash Tun Thermal Factor and Mash Tun Mass can used to determine how much more decoction must be pulled to compensate for the mash tun heat capacity. My tun is a 1/2 bbl keg, and using a factor of 1 and 30 lbs works for me. I would guess that a mash tun made from a cooler would use a lower factor because the whole mass of the cooler doesn't need to be heated up (maybe try .3 as the factor and adjust as necessary).
Pounds of grain in mash: Mash Tun Thermal factor:
Quarts of water in mash: Mash Tun Mass: (lbs)
Temperature of mash:
Target Temperature:
Temperature of Decoction: Decoction Volume (pints)